It starts with the wood. It always starts with the wood. To heat with it, to cook with it, to chop and stack it. It's always been about the wood. 

Modern tools have utility, but they have no soul. They are durable, but they aren't timeless. They are disposable. My passion for vintage tools was birthed out of necessity. I was sick of replacing tools when they would fail under pressure, and after some research, I decided to find old axe heads and bring them back to life. It started simply with putting on a fresh edge and hanging them on new handles. But it's much more than that now.

What started out of necessity has turned into a passion. Vintage axes, mauls and hatchets have stood the test of time and when restored with a little love, attention and patience, they are not only useful, but they are beautiful.

It's like art, but you can chop wood with it.

What We Offer

Vintage Restorations:

  • Vintage Restored Axes, Mauls and Hatchets available for purchase.

    • Each piece is unique and priced individually, but prices typically fall within the ranges below:

      • Hatchets - $150-$200+

      • Single Bit - $200-$250+

      • Double/Mauls/Other - $250-$300+

BYOH (Bring your own Head) Restorations:

  • Have an old axe head that you want restored and re-hung? Send pictures and information to:

    • Full restoration and custom handle:

      • Hatchet - $150

      • Single - $200

      • Double/Maul/Other - $250+

  • I also offer restoration services for just the heads if you don't want it on a handle.

    • $50 for head restoration only.